Best 3 Months
End of Life Fulfillment, Care, and Planning: A Life-Changing Journey and Exploration Beyond Advanced Directives

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Imagine This:
You have 3 months to live. A carefully thought out plan will ease your mind and help your family and friends navigate a difficult time. Explore your options, make your plan for end-of-life care, and live fully now.

We’ll explore five domains of life and ask:

  • What will be most important to you?
  • What “comforting care” will you want and need?
  • What can’t you live without?
  • What priorities, wishes, and dreams will you focus on if you had 3 months to live?
  • Who will you want to help you fulfill your Best Life Care Plan?

This is not an advanced directive. It is a Best 3 Months Care Plan, a way to prepare for your transition, to experience as much completion, happiness, and fulfillment in your final weeks and months of life as possible.

You will leave the class with a plan for your end-of-life care. Won’t that feel good?

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